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From Startup to Standout: Innovative Tech Solutions for Your Business

Be ready to take your business to the next level and towards success. With /KALMARS/, turn innovative ideas into profitable ventures through our next-generation IT and AI solutions.

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Empowering Your Business with Next-Generation IT & AI Solutions

High Success Rate in Building Innovative Solutions
With /KALMARS/, your ideas become a reality. Our expertise in innovations, custom-driven solutions, prototyping, artificial intelligence, and workshops leads to complete digital transformation for your startup or business. With our next-generation solutions, let's take your startup or business ideas into a profitable venture.
Technical Know-How & Real-Time Communication
Don't let the fear of failure hold back your innovative idea. We are here to take the technical hassle off your mind and help to shape your idea. We will guide you through the development process and ensure every step is crafted to reduce risk and drive success. Transform your ideas into profitable businesses with confidence.
Tech-Savy Superheros and Trusted Partners with Speed
Suddenly, the technical part of turning innovative ideas into reality becomes easy and quick, thanks to Kalmars. There is no more hassle–only progress and technological solutions with guarantees.

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Let Us Handle Your Technical Hassles & Become Your Partner

Experience the limitless possibilities of web development with us. Our high-level, complex website solutions feature custom 3D models and intricate animations, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable.
Complex and High level website
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Experience MVP development at its finest. We specialize in creating minimum buyable products that generate revenue, providing insights into product scalability. Our strength lies in our deep business understanding and successful project tactics.
MVP development
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Through our B2B partnership, we provide resources and expertise for your projects, paving the way for mutual success. Join forces with our white-label IT team to create top-notch digital experiences.
B2B partnership, White-label IT Team
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We provide AI tool integration and digitalization services to businesses. This includes implementing AI chat agents for customer assistance and setting up platforms for digitalizing business processes as a precursor to AI adoption.
AI - Tool implementation, Digitalization
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Gamification applies game elements like points, badges, and challenges in non-game settings to enhance engagement and motivation.
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Real Stories, Real Success: Explore testimonials from ecstatic clients transformed by our services

Jevgenija Kiselova
Jevgenija Kiselova
SIA InMall
SIA Kalmars Group has done excellent work in creating an internal trading center platform tailored to shopping center operators, managers, investors, and tenants. The team not only met but exceeded our expectations, delivering excellent work within the agreed timeframe. We were pleased with their professionalism and commitment to meeting deadlines. Their expertise and attention to detail were evident throughout the project, and they provided valuable advice at every step.
Jevgenija Kiselova
Gatis Silakaktiņš
Rīgas Biznesa kamera
SIA Kalmars Group has truly outdone themselves with the platform they created for the needs of the Riga Business Chamber. The implementation of this innovative solution has revolutionized the way chamber members interact and access information. The new platform allows members to easily view and receive information about events, communicate through a user-friendly chat system, share ideas using a customized Twitter-like feature, and explore business offerings and opportunities.
Jevgenija Kiselova
Emīls Arcimovičs
KALMARS has been with us since day one. They have always supported us with project management and business idea generation, adding value to our product every day. Sneakypeer has faced many tough moments and complex problems, but in solving them, they demonstrate their ability to sustain and develop any project.
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Eco Baltia Vide
Spelet Gaming
Jensen Metal
Reverse Health
Smart Air Heater

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UON Cloud
University of Latvia
White Digital

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Custom Software Development Companies
Goodfirms AI Tool
Goodfirms IT Development
Top Clutch
Top The Manifest Web Developers Latvia 2023 Award
Wadline Top Software Developers
At /KALMARS/, we are not just another software development firm. We are a team of skilled engineers committed to driving digital transformation. With our expertise and collaborative approach, we empower our clients to achieve remarkable growth while making a positive impact.

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